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The strange shift to working school hours

July 10, 2019

Back in the day I was decidedly not a morning person.  It was genuinely hard going for me to get myself to work.  My preference was always to work ‘a bit later’ to ‘a bit later’.  My two charity jobs were pretty flexible and I usually pitched up about 9.30am for those, but self employment gave me the chance to do whatever I wanted and I would tend to start about 10am.  I’d work a bit, then have a lunch break, then back to my desk for the afternoon.  That would typically mean that the afternoon started about 2pm for all practical purposes.  That’s the earliest time I’d be scheduling calls or meetings or whatever.  Then I’d work another three or four hours before home time.

These days I don’t work full time anymore, and this is fine because I simply (!) take on the right amount of work for the time I want to spend.  I’ve done this for four years and it has been fine.  I’m hopeful that my clients haven’t noticed just how part-time I have been because I have continued to deliver the same high quality product and service.

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More whinging about cashflow

June 18, 2019

Part one million of my ongoing series whinging about my cashflow.

I’ve written about it before here and here and here.

Well, I have submitted by 9th tax return (swot, it’s only May) and I am pleased to say that so far all of my invoices have been paid in full.  Hurray!

But a significant number are still coming in late.

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Visibility of working parents

May 29, 2019

You’ll know about the gender pay gap, of course you do, and as a woman obviously it is something that I’m interested in.  The more you look into it, the more you see it isn’t just about paying men and women like-for-like.  One big factor is that many women have children, and more women than men take time out in the first year of a baby’s life and/or work part time around child care ongoing, and these women might consequently rack up fewer person-hours of experience, or lack the flexibility to be able to work late or network or travel for work, or choose not to go for that promotion in case it tips over the careful balancing act they’ve been juggling.  All of that stuff screws with your career.

Well here’s something that some of us are doing to get around that a bit – we’re working for ourselves around caring for our kids.  We’re choosing our own hours, we’re setting our own rates, we’re doing it in whatever way suits us best, and we’re hopefully not taking such a direct hit in the workplace.

Yay us!

Yay the mumtrepreneurs / mumpreneurs and the boss babes and those of us who prefer to be otherwise known.

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How many research projects have I done?

May 7, 2019

People ask about my research experience.  That’s part of the job I guess.  If I want to do research work for people I need to demonstrate that I’ve done research work for other people before, and it is natural that they ask questions to try and quantify or qualify my level of experience.

They ask questions like “how many research projects have you done?”

Well you know what, that’s not such an easy question to answer as it sounds!

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Audio recording MPs

April 17, 2019

Well this has never come up for me before in 16 years of working in this job, but recently I had cause to conduct depth interviews with some Members of Parliament (MPs).

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Even more reasons for me to be frustrated with rubbish questionnaires

March 25, 2019

I’m so obsessed with GDPR.  Well, these days I’m just complying and that’s all delightful but I do find myself in meetings saying the self-satisfied words “I’ve actually read the GDPR” to try and give my recommendations some weight.

Now I’ve written before about how frustrating it is that everyone and his dog thinks they can write a questionnaire but that they don’t typically know what makes a good one.  Well it turns out that these people also don’t know that GDPR applies if you are collecting personal data using a survey.

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I’m Feminist Freelancer’s first Freelance Woman of the Month

March 5, 2019

Hey get me, I’m Feminist Freelancer’s first Freelance Woman of the Month!!!

Here I am!