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Why I audio record research conversations, and how I do it ethically

November 24, 2015

2013-08-12When conducting depth interviews or focus groups it is conventional for a researcher to audio record the conversations, with the consent of the respondent.  A lot of respondents are initially a little wary of this so I thought I’d explain what my needs are in relation to audio recordings, and what happens to the recording following the conversation.

There are several reasons why it is always my preference to audio record my research conversations:

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Optimising your charity, community group or activity website

November 11, 2015

2009-04-18Over the last few years I have undertaken a few research projects that have required me to collect information about charities, community groups and activities via the internet.

All too often it was challenging to find out detailed information about the charities, groups and activities as websites tended to be created with current users in mind.  They would include lists of members and awards won, and lovely photos of recent events, but they would lack the very basics such as what the organisation actually did, or where it was based, or how to get in touch.

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Happy 5th birthday to Ruthless Research!

November 1, 2015

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday Ruthless Research

Happy birthday to you!


If my business was a person, it’d have recently started school…

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About competitive tendering for research contract work

October 20, 2015

2008-12-03People often ask me how I go about finding research contract work as a research consultant.

Sometimes I find research contract work through my networks – I’ll meet someone and they will have a need for some research, or they will recommend me to someone they know who needs some research.

But often I find research contract work through competitive tendering.

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Please be patient with me while I wait for the full data set

September 30, 2015

2008-08-19Something that has come up a few times in my self-employed career is the issue of when to start analysing a data set for a quantitative survey.  Well it is obvious to me – when the data set is complete i.e. when all of the respondents have filled it in.

But there seems to be a couple of situations that arise which mess with this.  Either:

  • A client wanting / expecting me to ‘get started’ on analysing and reporting on a dataset before all of the responses are in.
  • A client ‘discovering’ / ‘adding in’ a bunch of extra respondents after the survey has officially closed and the analysis has started.

This isn’t ideal from an analysis / reporting perspective.  The thing is, running the analysis /reporting on the data set is quite a bit of effort, and you don’t want to have to do it twice.

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Vote with your Butt!

September 14, 2015

buttVoting ashtrays from Neat Streets – research methodology, visual impact, public engagement, helps the environment.  What’s not to love?!

Beware the humble postcode, it tells me more about you than you think

September 8, 2015

2012-11-02Postcodes may seem like silly little administrative numbers and letters, but for a researcher they are a goldmine of useful information and a gateway to even more.

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