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Getting GDPR answers (phew!) and how I’m dealing with special category data

May 7, 2018

Well I have to say I’m extremely grateful to my professional body the Market Research Society who have proved the worth of their annual fee by providing me with a whole host of industry-specific GDPR advice.  Thanks MRS. I’ve read a tonne of articles and I’ve attended a webinar and a roadshow session.  I have asked questions.

The main thing I’ve taken from these is that if you comply with the MRS Code of Conduct you are 80% there with GDPR.  The remaining 20% is documentation internally and what you tell the data subjects.  Good.  That’s pretty much what I thought.  Phew.

I was, and still am, concerned about the ‘special category data’ given that barely a working day goes by without someone telling me about their personal circumstances, both solicited and unsolicited.

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Auditing my Surveymonkey account for GDPR

April 27, 2018

As part of preparing for GDPR I need to be sure that I am not holding on to data unnecessarily, so I have recently undertaken a data audit which involved me deleting all identifying data in project files archived more than six months ago.

However, I have two other places that I hold data.

Mailchimp (which I have addressed already) and Surveymonkey.

When I looked at Surveymonkey I found have 55 surveys in my Surveymonkey account, of which 50 are more than six months old.

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Summary of progress so far: aims, good practice and learning points

April 2, 2018

(Part 10 of 10 in a series of blog posts evaluating the Unlimited International programme)

At the start of the evaluation, I was tasked to find out: what difference the programme had made; what the strengths and weaknesses of the programme were; and how well the programme had met its aims.

This final section summarises the progress of Unlimited International so far.

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The future for disability arts internationally

March 26, 2018

(Part 9 of 10 in a series of blog posts evaluating the Unlimited International programme)

How do the stakeholders feel about the future for disability arts internationally?

The stakeholders were very ambitious about the future of disability arts in their own countries.

Many felt that they would like to bring their produced work to a wider audience.

“Showcasing the work in a high profile context.” (Brazil)

“Give access to larger venues and more performance dates.” (Singapore)

“For there to be more of them!” (India)

“Scale up the project.” (Palestine)

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Can anonymous and pseudoanonymised data be considered sensitive and identifying under GDPR?

March 23, 2018

(This post fixates on a teeny technicality and doesn’t really have a conclusion, so proceed at your peril…)

As I said in my last post about GDPR: “GDPR assumes that I want to identify people from the information I hold.  I don’t.  I don’t need to and I actively try not to.  But it doesn’t seem to acknowledge that as a possible starting point, which makes some of the more complex elements either irrelevant or confusing.”

One of the key principles of GDPR is “Data minimisation – Personal data processed is adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary.”  This means that I should go out of my way to ensure that I do not collect and store more data than I need to.  That’s OK by me, I have routinely been minimising data throughout my career, as the Market Research Code of Conduct requires that: “33. Members must take reasonable steps to ensure all of the following: […]  f. that personal data collected are relevant and not excessive.”

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Working with Unlimited International

March 19, 2018

(Part 8 of 10 in a series of blog posts evaluating the Unlimited International programme)

How do the stakeholders feel about working with Unlimited International?

The stakeholders felt very positively about the consideration and support offered by Unlimited International.

“Unlimited have been very accommodating, more than helpful.  They have listened when we said what might not work and where possible they have helped.” (Brazil)

“They were really accommodating. Informal and friendly.” (Uganda)

“As an international collaboration, the strength of the partnership and the commitment to its success is (in our experience) unusual.” (Brazil)

“The maturity and care taken by project leaders to ensure fair and just disability access. This is unusual in Singapore.” (Singapore)

“It was well organized project.” (India)

“None of this would of been possible without Unlimited support.” (China)

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My musings on GDPR

March 16, 2018

The new GDPR regulations will “require organisations to become more accountable in protecting the privacy rights of individuals.”  I think that’s brilliant, I really do.  I’m all for it as an individual and a business owner.

And that’s handy because I have to comply with it.

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