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Working with Unlimited International

March 19, 2018

(Part 8 of 10 in a series of blog posts evaluating the Unlimited International programme)

How do the stakeholders feel about working with Unlimited International?

The stakeholders felt very positively about the consideration and support offered by Unlimited International.

“Unlimited have been very accommodating, more than helpful.  They have listened when we said what might not work and where possible they have helped.” (Brazil)

“They were really accommodating. Informal and friendly.” (Uganda)

“As an international collaboration, the strength of the partnership and the commitment to its success is (in our experience) unusual.” (Brazil)

“The maturity and care taken by project leaders to ensure fair and just disability access. This is unusual in Singapore.” (Singapore)

“It was well organized project.” (India)

“None of this would of been possible without Unlimited support.” (China)

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My musings on GDPR

March 16, 2018

The new GDPR regulations will “require organisations to become more accountable in protecting the privacy rights of individuals.”  I think that’s brilliant, I really do.  I’m all for it as an individual and a business owner.

And that’s handy because I have to comply with it.

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Unlimited International case studies

March 12, 2018

(Part 7 of 10 in a series of blog posts evaluating the Unlimited International programme)

How do the stakeholders feel about the Unlimited International case studies?

Unlimited International has prepared a number of case studies about their work, as part of the programme.

Overall, 59% of the stakeholders agreed that the Unlimited International case studies were useful for them, and 59% agreed that the Unlimited International Easy Read case studies were useful for them.

Several of the stakeholders commented that although they found case studies useful, they had not previously seen these ones.

“Case studies are invaluable but I have not seen the ones referred to.” (Brazil)

“I was not given case studies to read or directed towards reading them.” (China)

“I didn’t have the chance to see them.” (Palestine)

“Sorry – haven’t read them. Maybe in itself that’s feedback.” (Uganda)

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Why I’m spring cleaning my Mailchimp account for GDPR

March 9, 2018

Almost everything I do in my business is just-in-time project based.  I agree a short term project, and deliver it, and move on.  So thinking about what data I hold and process, it is virtually all project-related and will vary accordingly.

Other than that, there is one main place where I hold and process data and that is that I maintain a database of ‘interested parties’ on Mailchimp, and I send them an e-newsletter from Ruthless Research about twice per year.

Under the new GDPR, consent must be verifiable and obtained through unambiguous indication with clear affirmative action or statement.  In practice, this means that whenever you collect/process personal data you must keep a record of who consented, when they consented, how they consented and what you told them to acquire this consent.

I do not have this information for all recipients of my e-news.

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Another guest blog for SRN

March 6, 2018

I have written a guest blog about one of my projects, and you can read it here on the Scottish Recovery Network website.

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The Unlimited International network

March 5, 2018

(Part 6 of 10 in a series of blog posts evaluating the Unlimited International programme)

How do the stakeholders feel that the Unlimited International network has developed during the programme?

The stakeholders reported that many new and lasting professional relationships were formed through the Unlimited International programme.

“I forged some really great relationships which have continued.” (Australia)

“Widening the number and range of disability organisations and disabled artists we work with.” (Brazil)

“The relationships between the two set of collaborators, organisations encountered and the will to succeed and perhaps work together again or keep momentum going.” (Japan)

“Connecting disabled artists with one another, connecting them to producers, arts organisations and funders. Press connections.” (Singapore)

“All the participants will stay connected to each other. Plus we have forged relationships with international Centre Goa, Kala Academy and University of Goa.” (India)

“The network I developed during the placement has helped to develop a strong partnership with organizations that are helping to develop disability art scene in Uganda.  It creates a platform for the participants to meet several important persons whom supports the development of the participants projects through inspirations and collaborations.” (Uganda)

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Starting my journey towards GDPR

March 2, 2018

Are you all aware of the GDPR?  The GDPR is the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation which applies to all EU Member States from 25th May 2018.  That’s us!  We have to abide by it.

Well I’ve been getting started on preparing for GDPR and I thought you might be interested to read about my journey towards compliance.  My intention is to let you know what I’ve found out and what I’m doing to prepare, in case it is useful to you to follow my lead and do the same.  Or maybe you’ll simply feel a bit better to know that not everyone has their heads around it yet…

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