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How many research projects have I done?

May 7, 2019

People ask about my research experience.  That’s part of the job I guess.  If I want to do research work for people I need to demonstrate that I’ve done research work for other people before, and it is natural that they ask questions to try and quantify or qualify my level of experience.

They ask questions like “how many research projects have you done?”

Well you know what, that’s not such an easy question to answer as it sounds!

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Audio recording MPs

April 17, 2019

Well this has never come up for me before in 16 years of working in this job, but recently I had cause to conduct depth interviews with some Members of Parliament (MPs).

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Even more reasons for me to be frustrated with rubbish questionnaires

March 25, 2019

I’m so obsessed with GDPR.  Well, these days I’m just complying and that’s all delightful but I do find myself in meetings saying the self-satisfied words “I’ve actually read the GDPR” to try and give my recommendations some weight.

Now I’ve written before about how frustrating it is that everyone and his dog thinks they can write a questionnaire but that they don’t typically know what makes a good one.  Well it turns out that these people also don’t know that GDPR applies if you are collecting personal data using a survey.

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I’m Feminist Freelancer’s first Freelance Woman of the Month

March 5, 2019

Hey get me, I’m Feminist Freelancer’s first Freelance Woman of the Month!!!

Here I am!

My love/hate relationship with question numbers

February 22, 2019

The other day I found myself suggesting that a client “take the question numbers out” from a feedback form that they were drafting.  As I said it, it felt like a strange thing to suggest.  I mean, questionnaires include questions so questions should be labelled and numbered as such, right?

I realised I’ve developed a love/hate relationship with question numbers!

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Me talking about books at Ivy’s Library

January 31, 2019

Here’s a bit of a change… you can now find a little piece of me at Ivy’s Library which is a blog all about children’s books.

I’m part of Ivy’s Guest Book which features short interviews with real mums and dads, talking about what their littles like to read and what their own favourite children’s books are.

Do check me out and have a browse of the rest of this lovely site if you’ve got an interest in books.

Is it called a depth interview or an in-depth interview?

November 26, 2018

I do a lot of one-to-one qualitative interviews in my line of work.

I took an A-Level in Sociology, then a degree in social sciences with honours in Sociology.  In my academic education, the teachers referred to one-to-one qualitative interviews as ‘in-depth interviews’.

After that I completed the Graduate Scheme at MORI, followed by ongoing on-the-job training, interspersed with occasional external training courses from industry bodies.  Throughout my career, colleagues have referred to one-to-one qualitative interviews as ‘depth interviews’.  Workplace style guidelines have required me to call them depth interviews, and the AQR (Association for Qualitative Research), the MRS (Market Research Society) and the SRA (Social Research Association) call them depth interviews.

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