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Ruthless Research Blog: The story so far

May 17, 2011

Doesn’t time fly?  I’ve been blogging for a little while now and have reached the significant milestone of ten blog posts, er… posted!  Woohoo!

Don’t miss out on my early blog posts, check out what has gone before…

10.  Sir Humphrey Appleby’s guide to corrupt governmental research

Why government research doesn’t happen quite the way it is described in ‘Yes Minister’.

9.  Sugging, frugging, and other ways to write a bad questionnaire

Why ‘selling under the guise of research’, and ‘fundraising under the guise of research’ is dodgy.

8.  Omnibus surveys – a cost-effective way to buy quality

How to get yourself a large-scale representative survey on a small budget.

7.  Research is always a compromise

You will never be able to ask everyone you’d like to speak to about everything you need to know.  My advice on where you should never compromise.

6.  Read my article in SPCMHRDP

Read about the evaluation of ‘Healthy Reading Midlothian’ in the Primary Care Mental Health bulletin.

5.  Don’t come back until you’ve interviewed three lesbians and a zoo keeper

Why interviewers do a tough job and why you should be nice to them.

4.  How to commission the best researcher

The research commissioning process explained, with my advice on how to do it well.

3.  Read my article in ArtsProfessional

Read my article about arts accessibility for people with mental health problems in ArtsProfessional magazine.

2.  Calculators and clipboards – my childhood dream?

How I got to where I am, and whether it is what I expected.

1.  5 reasons why researchers are not as bad as you think

Why researchers are not trying to sell you double glazing when you are eating your dinner.

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