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Graphs are cool. Honest.

July 15, 2011

Those who do research tend to have:

  • A spoddy interest in graphs
  • A certain affinity with sarcasm, irony and general disillusionment

If, like me, you find yourself in this position then I would like to recommend to you a site called GraphJam from the makers of FAIL Blog.  On this site, people upload graphs they have made that amusingly comment on the media, films, music, and all manner of other things. 

Some get the point / application of graphs wrong (fume) and there’s quite a high concentration of high school / Twilight related graphs, but others do it magnificently.  Worth a look if you’re bored one day.

And while I’m on the subject, the most legendary use of graphs has to be this one from ‘How I Met Your Mother’.

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