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Market research – what’s in it for you?

February 28, 2012

Hey you!  Yes you the potential research respondent!  Taking part in research is a great idea. 

Every interview, questionnaire, feedback form or focus group is a real opportunity for you to feel good…

Because you are special…  Whoever has commissioned the research has picked you to participate.  They don’t just ask anyone, they decide who they want to talk to and it turns out you are one of those people. 

Because you are important…  You are being asked to participate because your views are relevant to them.  That’s why they picked you in the first place.

Because you will be listened to…  Doing research is a big commitment for an organsiation.  They wouldn’t bother talking to you if they didn’t genuinely want to know the answer.

Because you can have your say…  This is your chance to air your views – vent, praise, indifference.  You can tell them whatever you are feeling with no need to write letters or go through tedious bureaucratic procedures.

Because it is all about you… And how often is a conversation genuinely all about what you think without judgement or interruptions?!

Because it puts you in the board room…  The findings from the research will be considered by high up people and used to make important strategic decisions.  No need to put in 30 years of hard slog up the career ladder to have that kind of influence – this is a springboard to getting your views straight in at the top.

Because you can change things…  Organisations make changes based on research findings and they get research findings from talking to people like you.

And you know what, it might even end up being fun and interesting too…

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