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Statistics and sushi

August 14, 2012

Recently I bought some ‘Japanese style vegetarian sushi’ as part of my Boots meal deal.  When I opened it up on the train on the way to my meeting, I was interested to see that it had a label on the side that said:

“In an independent taste test of 100 people in October 2011, 7 out of 10 consumers who sampled this product said it was good!”

When I’m presenting results to clients I often find myself urging them not to obsess over getting positive results from the full 100% and I’d usually tell them that 70% positive was a pretty decent result.  No-one is going to like everything, all of the time.

Well maybe it is fine to think that in the Boardroom, but don’t splash it all over your product!  What were they thinking???  First thing I thought when I read the label on the sushi was “why have I bought something that 30% of consumers said was not good?”

Maybe I’m just getting old and jaded!

For the record, it was… ok.  I’d probably have given a neutral response.

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