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Ruthless Research: Out and about

November 13, 2012

When I’m not doing research for my lovely clients, I like to get myself out there and find out what is going on in the not-for-profit sector.

In my line of work you never know who you might be working with next, or who you might meet in a focus group or interview situation.

For this reason, I’ve recently been to a bunch of conferences on subjects including access to sport and culture, physical activity, walking for health, using evidence in charities, and music education.  I’ve also attended training seminars on disability equality, Deaf awareness, working with people with profound and multiple learning disabilities, HIV and Hep C awareness, working with blind and partially sighted people, and religious identity inclusion.

I think it is vital to be informed about social issues so that you can be as inclusive and welcoming as possible in any situation.

Anyway, I was prompted to mention this just now because I recently attended an extremely interesting day run by the British Institute of Human Rights and I’d like to link you to their blog about their work.

Not least because there’s two photos of me in there…

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