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50 shades of market research

April 24, 2013

As you know it makes me happy when market research turns up in the media and so on, and recently something a bit different was drawn to my attention.  In Amelia Bryant’s erotic fiction series the action is based in Crash! Bang! Wallop! – “London’s sexiest marketing research agency.”

“Whether it’s focus group frolics, sexual intrigue in the office, arousing in-depth interviews, or simply the red hot antics of the agency’s employees, you’ll be coming back and coming again (and again!) for more research romps. What’s more, the staff aren’t just misbehaving with each other: they take their client and supplier relationships seriously as well…in the bedroom, office, hotel room, car lay-by….the list goes on!”

Well I’ve read one of the short stories – Mirror Mirror – (the things I do for you!) and I can’t really go into specifics here because it is explicit stuff.  About 90% of it is sex in a viewing studio whilst a focus group is happening on the other side of the two-way mirror.  As our hero wonders at the end, “Why weren’t all focus group sessions like this?”  Indeed, mine never have been… But he also points out (correctly!) that us researchers are “professional voyeurs” so maybe Amelia Bryant has got it right and research and erotica are a match made in heaven!

Amelia Bryant is a pen name, and whoever she (?) is, she knows her market research too.  The non-sex 10% is entirely true to life so she must be in the industry.  I wonder if I’ve met her at a networking event?!

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