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Finally I have a celebrity researcher role model

June 18, 2013

rhod-gilbert-and-the-cat-that-looked-like-nicholas-lyndhurstWhen I was a nipper I lived in the countryside, in a tourist area, and I thought the only jobs that grownups could do were teacher, policeman, doctor, or working in hospitality.  The job of market research consultant was certainly something I had never heard of.  It isn’t something that you hear about much on the TV.

But it has come to my attention that someone a little bit famous used to be a market research consultant.

Rhod Gilbert.  Welsh stand up comedian and star of TV and radio and podcasts.

I’m a very enthusiastic stand up comedy fan and frequenter of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe (read my other blog What the Stevensons Saw… for reviews) so this makes me happy.  In fact I’ve met Rhod.  Sort of.  Well he flyered me before he was famous and gave me comps to his show.  I didn’t go, it looked rubbish.  My over priced watered down pint of lager in a plastic cup drunk outside in the rain looked more attractive.  Oops.  He won prizes for that show so that was a bad move on my part.

Turns out Rhod worked as a qualitative market research consultant for eight years.  And not just that, he liked it and was good at it!  When he quit research to do stand up he was Director at a market research company (Cragg Ross Dawson) and about to become MD.  Rhod says:

“The comedy is about 500 times scarier than a focus group. There’s no comparison. Even research debriefs are never quite the same once you’ve done the Comedy Store.” (Research magazine)

Good to know.

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