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What’s putting you off participating in research?

January 29, 2014

2012-10-11Hit on my blog: “Why don’t people like to participate in research?”

As you know I think members of the public should pitch in and have a go when they’re asked to participate in market research (Market research – what’s in it for you?).  I’ve written loads of articles about market research ethics and methodologies over the past couple of years, often trying to raise awareness that we’re a regulated and trustworthy profession and we do our best to do right by our respondents (5 reasons why researchers are not as bad as you think).

But I’m well aware that many people have reservations.

I’m not going to go over old ground, but I thought I’d gather together some of my blog posts so that if you have a particular worry or concern you can click through and find out a bit more about why things are as they are, or perhaps why things are not quite as you thought, or indeed what you should expect (or demand!) from a professionally done research project.

If you don’t want to participate in research because…

…researchers want to know too much about you, read Being ‘outed’ by stealth: the uncomfortable disclosure of personal information via surveys and Why do researchers ask such complicated ethnicity questions?

…you are worried that researchers will share your data or will not protect your anonymity, read 5 reasons why researchers are not as bad as you think 

… researchers ask you stuff that isn’t relevant to you, read Screener questions: Keeping out the riffraff 

…you think that researchers want to sell you something, read Sugging, frugging, and other ways to write a bad questionnaire

…you think that researchers wants to trick you into donating to charity, read Sugging, frugging, and other ways to write a bad questionnaire 

…you think that you’ll answer so many questions and then they’ll reject you anyway, read Soup, sampling and quotas and Screener questions: Keeping out the riffraff 

…the questionnaires are really long, read Questionnaire design: Size isn’t everything

…questionnaires are just really annoying, read Tips for conducting surveys amongst humans

…interviewers are just really annoying, read Don’t come back until you’ve interviewed three lesbians and a zoo keeper 

…cold calls must be a scam, read Cold calls and telephone research – scam or no scam? 

…you’re not sure who researchers work for, read Who do research consultants work for? 

…you feel researchers are cagey about who is paying for the research, read Brand awareness: keeping the client secret 

…you feel can’t trust the research that you see in the media, read Why you can trust (some of) the research stories in the media 

… you are worried that governmental research is dodgy, read Sir Humphrey Appleby’s guide to corrupt governmental research 

…sometimes questionnaires are used for horrible things, read Questionnaires: A tool for good or evil?









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