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The research equivalent of stage fright

April 22, 2014

2008-10-23All of the research projects that I undertake are carefully planned and executed in collaboration with my clients.  Everything I do is based on a combination of good research practice and a consultancy approach to ensure that I deliver something useful and usable for my clients, which should help them to make genuine evidence-based decisions.  I spend weeks or months planning and gathering data, and I keep my clients informed about the progress throughout.

We talk about reporting requirements, maybe more than once – usually at the Briefing meeting and at the point where I’m starting to write the report.  We talk about style and content and audience and page count.  There should be no real surprises when it comes to receiving it, it should be the culmination of a well understood process in a pre-agreed format.

… and yet… every time I hand in a report I’m terrified as I wait for the feedback.

… which can take weeks…

I worry that once the client sees the report in front of them it won’t be what they want.

I don’t have a point to make with this blog post, just a little insight into my life.

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