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Why I aspire to be more like Alex Polizzi

May 20, 2014

alex_polizzi_0I’ve mentioned before that I like to watch TV at lunchtime.  When I’m not watching real-life TV I like to watch business shows – primarily celebrity fix-its.

The Hotel Inspector is my favourite, presented by Alex Polizzi who goes into failing hotels and B&Bs, and sorts them out.

Alex Polizzi is from the Forte family of hoteliers.  She has a degree from Oxford University and is a successful business woman who has had a career in the hospitality industry.

I absolutely love Alex Polizzi.

Alex is an extremely pleasant, personable individual with a lovely manner about her.  She is warm, and friendly, and kind.  She is sympathetic and empathetic.  She listens to people, and thinks about what motivates people to be as they are, and works with them to come to a solution.

Alex is collaborative and she picks her battles.  She knows what to pursue, and what to let go.  When Alex thinks it is right to pursue a contested point she will pursue it.  She will be strict, she will put her foot down, she will tell someone off.

People respect Alex, and people listen to Alex, and Alex gets the job done well.

Alex proves that you do not need to be extroverted and domineering and authoritarian to be an excellent leader and an influencer.

There are other ways to lead effectively.

It is absolute inspiration to see a successful business woman taking her own authentic approach to leadership, and doing it so well.  I aspire to be more like Alex Polizzi.

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