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Ruthless Research is my baby too

April 16, 2015

2015-03-02My lovely Baby Ruthless is coming up to one year old. He is mischievous and friendly. He commando crawls. He loves books, and anything that swings or bounces. He is big for his age and has seven teeth.

I took about ten months off work to focus on him full time: a month before he was born and then a further nine months after.

But Ruthless Research is my baby too. Another baby that I love. I have grown it and nurtured it and given it a lot of TLC. I have placed it such that it can seize every opportunity that comes its way. I have allowed it to evolve according to its own strengths. It has developed a personality and ethics and values.

Along the way I have come to operate Ruthless Research according to the following principles:

  • Every client to feel like they are my priority
  • Working styles and patterns to vary to suit my clients
  • Pro-active, responsive and timely project management
  • Focused, practical and pragmatic approach
  • Useful and usable outputs
  • Exceeding expectations

I have always done my best to provide an excellent service, and it would not be acceptable to me to do otherwise.

But I also need to do my absolute best at being a parent for Baby Ruthless.

Could I do both?

I waited and waited and waited until I was sure that I could.

When I was considering coming back to work I put a lot of thought into what childcare arrangement might suit us.  I knew that I needed childcare.  I needed to be concentrating on my parenting when I was with Baby Ruthless, and my clients when I was at work.  No way I could combine the two and do a good job of either!  So I took into consideration:

  • The needs of the baby (basic needs covered, prefer short spells away, plus prefer to spend quality time with him at start and end of day)
  • The needs of the business (Workload varies)
  • My needs (I work better in the afternoon, especially after a broken night of sleep)

I have been very lucky to find a local childminder that is flexible enough to meet all of my needs. She is happy to take Baby Ruthless from 12-5pm three afternoons per week, for the days of the week to vary according to my working needs, and for extra hours or days to be added on if my workload demands it.

I decided to try this for the course of my first project, and see how we got on.

Baby Ruthless is very happy at the childminder. All the older kids fuss over him and they have a big old soppy dog that he loves.

I have now successfully completed two contracts (thanks NHS Education for Scotland and Comhairle nan Eilean Siar!) and these both came in on time and on budget. Crucially, I hope that these clients experienced the same service as the service that I offered pre-baby.

So far so good. Happy baby, happy Ruth, happy clients.

It’s nice to be back.

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