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Getting a sole trader bargain

December 15, 2015

2013-07-24There are many benefits of employing a large multinational research agency to undertake your research projects and having worked for two myself I’d be more than happy to recommend them.  You get the benefit of a huge load of infrastructure ticking along behind the scenes, and a big brand name to impress people with.  Don’t think me glib, I honestly think the big boys do a brilliant job.

But that infrastructure and brand name costs.

One of the benefits of employing a sole trader such as myself to undertake your research projects is that I have no infrastructure.  This means I can charge a much lower daily rate, and still make enough money to keep me in Haribo.

When I started working for Test Research (part of Ipsos MORI) in 2002, the world was a different place.  Times were good and business was buoyant.

I was two weeks out of University with an undergraduate degree, and being charged out to clients as the most junior member of staff – doing a lot of legwork but very closely supervised.

On that first day I was charged out at a higher rate than I charge my charity clients today, thirteen years of experience later.

Just sayin’.

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