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I welcome small research budgets

February 8, 2016

2010-09-18Back in the day I managed the research department of a charity, and I was always seeing interesting tendering opportunities in the third sector coming and going because we could not afford to bid for them.  What I mean is, our day rates were sufficiently high that we couldn’t do anything within the specified budgets.  But I squirrelled that information away and when I came to leave the charity I thought I might see if I could get myself a piece of the ‘lower budget’ research contract market.

Fast forward, and I proved it was possible to make a living working in that space simply by doing it, and later on during my business degree I tracked all of the relevant opportunities that came up over the course of the year and estimated the potential market as being into the £millions each year.

I like it.

I like working with relatively small research budgets.

I appreciate just what a large investment a ‘small research budget’ can be for a charity, but I also understand what a huge difference having high quality evidence and recommendations can make to what a charity can achieve.

Come to me with a small budget and I love the intellectual challenge of working out how to get the very best quality evidence and recommendations that I can within the constraints that are imposed.

I was telling a Client about this the other day, and she seemed surprised to hear that I was genuinely seeking out low value contracts as my first choice because I enjoyed them and because the business was viable for me.

Previously she had been a little embarrassed to approach consultants when she only had a small budget.

No need!

If you find yourself in this position, don’t be embarrassed.

If you have between £50 (yes, fifty pounds) and £10k to spend on research (OK, or more!) please give me a call and there will be something that I can do for you.  There’s no need to be shy when talking to me about the money side of things, and if you tell me your budget up front we can have a focused conversation.

No matter how small your budget, please don’t be afraid to ask!

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