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LINK: Journal article in Evidence Based Midwifery

October 14, 2016

20161006_123345I’m ever so pleased that my long-term clients at NHS Education for Scotland have had an article published in the Evidence Based Midwifery Journal based on their project and my evaluation of it. And I am a co-author!  This is exciting for me, because as a Consultant I don’t often get to ‘publish’ my work in the traditional sense, or even speak about it publicly, because the findings are ‘owned’ by my clients and are generally intended for internal use.

This one is in the public domain though.  The Best Start Leadership Programme was an innovative leadership development programme which over the course of the last four years has provided hundreds of Midwives and Looked After Children’s Nurses in Scotland with a structured course of leadership education, support and development via:

  • Attendance at national educational and networking events;
  • Initiation, development and evaluation of local quality improvement projects;
  • Participation in 1:1 telephone coaching from experienced leadership consultants.

It has been an absolute privilege working on Best Start as project evaluator these last four years, because NHS Education for Scotland has been 100% committed to learning from the evaluation and using it to enhance their offering.  Their project has gone from strength to strength, and response to it has only got better over time, as a result of this.  In 2014/15 and 2015/16, 100% of responding Participants said that they were satisfied with the administration of the programme, and higher levels of satisfaction led to better outcomes for Participants, for the NHS, and for patients. Seeing my work make a real difference has been a real pleasure for me.

So, the article is called The Development, Implementation and Evaluation of a leadership programme for midwives and if you are a subscriber to Evidence Based Midwifery you can read it here.

If you’re not a subscriber (no? me either!) you can read more information on the Best Start project here.

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