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Blipfoto research being used as a case study!

November 17, 2017

You may be aware of the photo journaling website Blipfoto, where I have been ‘blipping’ on and off for nine years.  You may also be aware that the company went into liquidation and a group of volunteer Directors (including my lovely husband!) set up a crowdfunding campaign which resulted in the successful acquisition of the site as a Community Interest Company.

Well I have also played a role in this in a professional capacity, working with the Directors to help them make evidence-based decisions about how to take the Community Interest Company forward.  I planned and undertook a substantial research project consulting with the Blipfoto community and testing out a number of financial models and more than a thousand Blippers shared their opinions.  The data from this was used this to build a new membership package which (within the first month!) generated enough income to sustain Blipfoto for a year.  A great result!

Well I’m very excited to say that my professional body the Market Research Society has decided to use this as a case study for showing the benefit of market research for SMEs!

Consequently, you can find us in:

Turning an SME around: in The Research Buyer’s Guide, Guide to research for SMEs p3

Are you brave enough?: in Your Business with James Caan p48

Why not have a look!

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