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Read my guest blog: Piloting a more meaningful qnaire

August 15, 2018

Here’s a link to my third guest blog on the Scottish Recovery Network website, writing about some of my ongoing work.

I’m evaluating SRN’s Write to Recovery project which is a national eight week programme of writing workshops focused on the promotion of self-management for people experiencing emotional difficulties or mental ill-health.

I’m excited about this element of the project as I’ve been allowed the freedom and blank slate to come up with something quite innovative.  Instead of simply allowing our funding application and strategic project aims to guide our evaluation (which would be the standard way of doing things), we invite the participants to evaluate the progress they have made against their own personal aims to see whether they got what they hoped to get out of attending Write to Recovery.  And I’ve come up with a way to quantify this on a potentially large scale.  I’ve no idea if this is a unique approach, but I’ve not seen anyone else do it.

Crucially, this participant-centric approach is in-keeping with the ethos of personal recovery and self management and consequently the findings should be more meaningful this way.

Check out this link to find out more.

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