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GDPR and spam

September 19, 2018
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Ahhhhhhh, do you remember when the new GDPR regulations came in earlier this year?

Do you remember when squillions of businesses desperately emailed you about their mailing lists in the week before the new rules came in?

Do you remember how you decided to use this as an opportunity to clear up your inbox?

Do you remember how ignoring them meant they kept on at you and you got email after email from the same business spamming you endlessly about something you didn’t care about?

And then do you remember how you saw no discernible change to the amount of crap you were still receiving?

God that was annoying, wasn’t it?

GDPR is supposed to protect us, the consumer, from all of this nonsense.  Unfortunately (from the consumer point of view) all that has happened is that we’ve ended up unsubscribing-by-default from the legit companies that wanted to do the right thing, and we’re still being merrily spammed by the dodgy ones that couldn’t care less.

Well there’s more to it than that of course (and it’s not all bad).

But yeah.  That bit is really annoying.


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