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About Ruth Stevenson

I am an experienced primary research consultant who has provided research services for many public and private sector organisations covering an extensive variety of subject matters.  I have worked for leading research agencies (IpsosMORI focusing on branding and PR research, and TNS) as well as not-for-profit organisations (The Audience Business focusing on arts, and Scottish Development Centre for Mental Health focusing on mental health and wellbeing). 

A research generalist, I have expertise in all elements of the research process: identifying research needs and designing appropriate methodologies, conducting and commissioning fieldwork, analysing quantitative and qualitative data, and providing reporting and recommendations.  I am a professional and pragmatic consultant who is skilled in working with those with no prior research knowledge as well as those who are highly research literate.  I take pride in enabling others to appreciate the significant role that research can play in information-based decision making, and ensuring that I provide clients with useful and usable insight.

Ruthless Research

Through Ruthless Research I provide research services for organisations that benefit the community such as charities, social enterprises and not-for-profit organisations. I have expertise in a number of areas:

  •  Public health and health improvement
  • Mental health and wellbeing
  • The arts and culture
  • Audience development
  • Inequalities
  • Social marketing

I also have a particular interest in the role that the arts play in reducing inequalities, and believe strongly that everyone has a cultural entitlement to access to high quality arts and cultural resources no matter what their individual circumstances.  I recently received an award for innovative and outstanding contributions to the field of arts and health inequalities (research) by the Royal College for Public Health, 2010 for my work around mental health and the arts. 

Salient Point

Salient Point specialises in supporting early stage technology companies on the journey from idea to customer.  As an Associate of Salient Point I offer a bespoke research service to meet the needs of startup companies.

In a startup, research can be a valuable asset for estimating or quantifying the market for products or services and for providing data to support an idea or enhance a business plan.  Research services can include stakeholder research, testing out response to current and existing products or services and evaluating or developing PR, marketing and communications.

We also offer organisations with training or professional advice on conducting research themselves, including help with questionnaire design, interviewing techniques and cost-effective alternatives to traditional research.

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